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When do I get my photos?

As a full-time photographer, I pride myself on my quick turnaround time. During post production I am sure to produce the best work while remaining efficient and thoughtful in the process. Turnaround times:

Proposals: Within 2 days after the photo shoot.

Couples: Sneak peeks- within 2 days. Full gallery- within 2 weeks.

Weddings: Sneak peeks- within 2 days. Full gallery- within 1 month.

What are "sneak peeks"?

Sneak peeks are a handful of edited images you will receive before the rest of your gallery. The reason I send out sneak peeks is so that you have almost immediate photos to enjoy. Sneak peeks give you an idea of what photos you can soon expect. This is especially helpful for weddings so that you can post the big news quickly!

What is the "wedding guide"?

A wedding guide is a multi page document filled with a bunch of tips that I've accumulated by being a wedding photographer. These are my words of advice that will help you and your partner know what to expect on your big day. Weddings can be hectic, but this guide can help things go as smoothly as they can, as well as prep you two for beautiful pictures. You will receive the wedding guide upon booking.

How do I book you?

Yay! First, reach out by clicking "Let's talk" up above to fill out the contact form. Once I respond we will go from there! We will talk about the location, date, and anything else relevant to your photo shoot. I will send you the contract and once it is signed and I receive the deposit, I will officially be booked! Until that happens I cannot hold any dates as I need to go with whomever books me first. 

Can I have the RAWS?

As part of the creative process, I cull and edit before sending the final photos. In doing so, I eliminate duplicates, shots where you may be blinking or talking, and shots that are poor quality. Rest assured, I select only the best images that capture your beauty and personality. Because of the variety of poses done during the session, you will get a variety of photos you can enjoy once you receive the final images. 

Do you travel?

Short answer: YES!

Long answer: I am happy to travel! Accommodations required depend on the location (hotel stay, flight, car rental, etc.). If the location is within driving distance there will be a .30 cent fee per mile for anywhere over 1 hour away.

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